Monday, April 09, 2007


If you've been following Blogger Idol, you'll know that it's pretty tight.

We're all lobbying for votes to be the first ever Blogger Idol.

I thought we were going to keep it friendly.

I see today, however, that the smear campaigning has begun.

My blogging paramours over at The Atomic Blog have decided that they will start dragging us fellow contestants through the mud to further themselves.

It appears as though these two have forgotten who was there in the beginning...

Notice, their first post?

Notice the ONLY comment?

That's what I thought.

These two clearly harbor secret feelings for each other, but they're both too juvenile to admit it. I mean, come on...Paul calling shotgun for the "Pretend Blogger Prom?"

Mm Hmm.

Myself, Erica, and Dirty have been faithfully commenting on their site.

With the exception of Dirty, since she's a judge, Paul and Dave are taking out their homosexual aggressions on us.

I don't dig it boys.

Your reign is over.

When I'm done with you two, you'll both be laying on the bed in your prom dresses, crying for your mothers, wilted corsages still on your wrists, wondering why the captain of the football team fucked and chucked you.

Bring it Bitches.


Lynda said...

I am totally flabbergasted. Thanks for point this out!

dave evanns said...

What?!?! Hwere did this come from? There is no hard feelings toward you, it was all done in jokingly.

We also posted your interview today and NOTED that you were our first loyal reader.

Erica AP said...

Haha... You are so funny.

The Boob Lady said...

Lynda: You're so very welcome.

Dave Evanns: I posted this last night before my interview was up. Tit for tat my love. I do apologize though.

Erica: Thank you! :) So are you!