Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dig It...


I'm still in it.
Keep voting for me whoever you are!!
I know that my poor Mema has probably gotten carpal tunnel from straight clickin' for the past 72 hours.
As of right now, we're in day three of Viewer Voting.
Two more are gone tomorrow morning, don't let it be me!!


Gawpo said...

Got here via Diesel. Voted for you. Says you are now first @ 18%.

Had me, thou, at "eating cupcakes while watching workout videos." That, and the guitar on the couch in the profile pic. Great page!



no, no....I mean



(goddam lysdexia!!!)

dave evanns said...

I voted for you as well BL, but looks liek we have a guardian angel looking out for us!


Jen said...

I voted!

may the force be with you.

Skylers Dad said...

Voting daily for you BL, do you have a final trick up your sleeve like Sanjaya hair, or Haley's hot pants?

Chris said...

I feel terrible. First, I ruin Christmas. Now, I haven't contributed to ensure your overwhelming victory. I'm on a dial-up connection and loading each page is like waiting for Jesus to return. Good luck, nevertheless!

Frank Sirmarco said...

Who knew voting could be such fun?

The Boob Lady said...

Gawpo: Thank you for your time! By the way, I usually skip the workout videos.

Dave Evanns: I'm on your side!

Jen: Thanks babe!

Skylers Dad: It turns out that all the hot pants that I own couldn't save me this time.

Chris: It's okay. I forgave you for Christmas, Megan was a good excuse. I'm out now, but I'm sure it wasn't your fault. *kinda*

Frank: I know ey??