Saturday, April 07, 2007


I normally post humorous type items for my "Disturbing" post, but tonight, I had to take a stand.

I couldn't live with myself if I didn't come forward.

This is possibly the worst case of child abuse I have ever seen.

I think you'll agree that these are not ideal living conditions for a child.

A child who cannot yet make his or her own decisions.

It's a tragedy if you ask me.

Some of you may have already seen this picture and some of you may have already voiced your opinions.

Please take a moment of silence with me.

A moment of silence for the young one.


ThePapaDog said...

That's not one of your childhood pics is it???

Anonymous said...

Great Goddess, have mercy on our souls...

Erica Ann Putis said...

Turtle necks for everyone!!!

Peter Matthes said...

You should see what those monsters did to the poor boy's pubic hair.

Oh ... The horror!

Eddie said...

LMAO. Now that's a hot ghetto mess of a trio. They look like they just exited a Bon Jovi concert circa 1986...

OMG. I just don't understand how they thought they looked good. Bravo for the confidence...


The Boob Lady said...

thepapadog: NO! My God. My mullet was way cooler. It was more like a bowl/mullet. A Bomullet if you will.

Big Orange: I know eh?

Erica: I got you one. :)

Peter Matthes: Wow. I need to get my hands on some of that shit.

Crazy Eddie: They look like they COULD BE Bon Jovi. Poor things.
Thank you for backing me up.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Boob lady, I have cramps from this blog!!!!!!!! You are hilarious and certainly keep us laughing. :)

love you....M

stilettoheights said...

that should be your Christmas card...or a valentine, or a wedding is the best thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

SkylersDad said...

At some point doesn't our government need to step in with forced sterilization?

I mean, what am I paying taxes for anyway? ;^)

bubbles said...

They definitely needed some 'Frizz Ease", huh?

I had me some big hair. I actually held on to the look a little too long, even. (blush) At this point I couldn't afford big hair - both in $$ and time! (now that I need to 'hide a few grays')

The Boob Lady said...

Anonymous: Thank you! But you have to say that!

Stilettoheights: I'm thinking about it, it's amazing and could really work for any special occasion.

skylers dad: You'd think they'd start that already. That's abuse in its most severe form.

Anon. Blogger: I could never get big hair. It's a shame really.

bubbles said...

Boob Lady, does this mean that you couldn't *get* big hair? Like you couldn't get a perm?

Or does it mean you couldn't 'get' big hair, like, "I don't get it!?! It is sooooo ugly."

If it is that you don't 'get' it, it is probably because you are too young. I was in my twenties in the 1980's. We career girls wore skirted business suits, silk bow ties, giant shoulder sleeves in our blouses and sweaters. We needed giant hair to balance the shoulders, I guess!!!

As for the children, it is shameful to do it to them!! (although my daughter had a headful for a ballet recital at age 3 or so)

I would never have permed my kid's hair... it is a choice, like a tatoo. :-)

H said...

Wonder if that little girl (it is a girl, right?) turned out to be a psychopath -- later killing her parents because of this horrific and traumatizing experience.