Saturday, March 10, 2007

Family Fun Time...

My friend and co-worker T invited me over to her pad this evening for a birthday gathering for E, her sister, who happens to be another co-worker, and some other members of her family.

The whole family was going to be there; Mom, Nana, Aunt M, P, E, T, R, J, M, and myself, The Boob Lady.

With the promise of good food, ice cream, cake, and shenanigans, I went.

This family is amazing.

This past Christmas marked the second year that they've opened their home to me and welcomed me with open arms.

Since my own family is spread throughout the country, they've invited me over for homecooked meals, Christmas dinner, sleepovers, nights out, and pool parties.

Back to this evening.

I grab E after her shift at the store, and we drive to her sister's apartment.

You should know that T has a one bedroom apartment.

Remember the guest list?


We get in, hugs are dispersed and introductions are made.

Nana offers to take my coat.

We settle in, start eating, and Nana offers me her chair.

I refuse.

She insists.

I oblige.

We share funny stories, laugh, share scared looks, hyperventilate a little, and smile.

About 30 minutes into the visit, Nana hears the story about Boots, laughs, P, T and E's step-father shudders a little, questions are asked, laughs are rampant.

The kids are eager to open presents and eat cake so we oblige.

While the sugar high is running down, a few of us step outside for a smoke and a giggle.

We head back in and everyone decides it's time to leave.

I get more hugs, kisses, invitations for summer visits, and pool parties.

Before I, myself, leave, T loads me up with a bowl full of Trail Mix and Breadsticks, even after I refuse.

They're coming in quite handy.

Typing burns mad calories!

So, thanks T, for inviting me over, and for making me part of your family.

I always have a blast.

And blog fodder.

Depeche Mode once said, "Enjoy the silence".
Enjoy yours T, you earned it.

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