Thursday, March 01, 2007


Turns out that the cat I've been calling the dumb one is the smart one after all.
Not that Jack's not smart, but Todd, I've underestimated.
I shall set the stage for you.
I come home from work, remove articles of clothing, shoes, coats, and the like and begin running around, preparing the garbage for its removal tomorrow.
I go straight to the litter box room to clean it up so that I can dump it all outside with the rest of the trash.
I clean the litter box and notice that the lid off the 13.5 kg tub of litter that I bought yesterday is laying conspicuously on the floor.
I gingerly peek over the side and notice that it's been used.
Like pissed in.
I dart looks to both cats thinking that some Doogie Howser intruder cat must have come in and used the tub instead of the litter box.
I don't put it past either of my cats to piss in a tub of litter, it's just getting the lid off didn't seem so easy.

Especially for an animal.
With no opposable thumbs.
At this point, I'd re-sealed the tub and pushed the lid down hard to ensure that it could not be re-lifted.
Just when I am deducing that it must've been Jack since he's older, smarter, and not cross-eyed, Todd comes waddling in and proceeds to flick the lid off with his sausage paws and dump it on the floor again.
He sniffs around and starts to mount the tub.

I run over, put him in the litter box and re-seal the tub.
So much for thinking Todd needed a helmet.

Turns out he's Mensa bound.


The Wife O Riley said...

All my cats do is run into walls when they are chasing dust bunnies on the floor. You should go on David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks.

Lynda said...


My husband had a cat that would rip open the litter when the litter box wasn't cleaned to his satisfaction.

Lynda said...

Um, that should be litter bag.

Crazy Eddie said...


My hag has two cats (Cheech and Chong) and when I spend the night at her house, they harass and terrorize me with their noisey play toys. I get up at 3 in the morning and pick up the toys, put them on top of the living room wall unit looking for silence, only to wake up 2 minutes later to find them wickedly knocking them down at my expense...

Love your cats...


Erica AP said...

I can barely even open those things... Maybe he's taking steroids?

Jen said...


Charlie Shame said...

I have a cat too lazy to waddle her hammock-ass downstairs when nature calls, and instead treats the guestroom bathtub as her private domain. The worst is that a date discovers the tub treasures and I look like a fvcking Trainspotting extra, living in a busted house of cat sh1t and firing smack into my neck by the boiling spoonful.

Mombi said...

Maybe an idiot savante?

Anon. Blogger said...

O.K., I've been catching up on my blog reading and I can't stop laughing.

thanks, I needed this!!!