Sunday, March 04, 2007

Me Time...

As if I haven't had enough "Me Time", I decided that this evening was to be all about me.

After the aforementioned shower incident, I settled in for business.

I signed up for my usual online poker tournament, made some supper, sat at the computer to check all my usual sites, blogs, and gossip.

I then decided to cut my hair.

Not all of it mind you, just my bangs.

Now, normally, when people cut their own hair, it looks like it would had you used a FlowBee.

Me, I'm a practiced veteran.

I cut my bangs on a semi-regular basis.

Usually every 4-6 months.

But I digress.

After that, I buffed and polished my toenails.

I got new sandals today in a care package sent to me by Mema so, even though it's still Winter time, I can't wait to wear them. (Shh, don't tell her, she'll kill me...)

Then, I put on the lovely new silk kimono that she also sent and had a solo photo shoot.

*Whoops, a boob almost fell out, let me just tuck that back in...*

I painted my fingernails and made myself something to eat.

Now I am all cozy, moisturized, and feeling semi-pretty despite my brush with death.

What shall I have for dessert?


Peter Matthes said...

Ice cream is always a good dessert.

Personally, I like vanilla or mint chocolate chip from Baskin and Robbins.

I scream ... you scream ... we all scream for some pictures from that solo kimono photo shoot!

g-man said...

It's good to have "me" time, I wish I could have more of it.

I'll second the photos.

Anonymous said...

Your Mema is very happy that you enjoyed your care parcel. Just a little I love you from me! And you'd better NOT wear those sandals until at least the month of May!!

Chris said...

Peter- I'm afraid you're wasting your time. I've learned that the Boob Lady is a big ol' tease.

Boob Lady- You should bake something for dessert and then send the leftovers to me!

Lynda said...

I want to see the kimono!! But I don't need to see your boob falling out. Got them myself. ;)