Friday, March 30, 2007

No Qualms...

You know what I like?

People with no qualms.

About anything.

Take for instance the following examples from my day:

* The lovely lady who was breastfeeding her child on a bench in the middle of the mall. (I'm not opposed to breast feeding in public, but when your child is around the age where he or she can ask for your boob, notsomuch.)

* The young man who came into the store this evening to yank down the panties on a mannequin. (All while his posse looked on laughing their asses off.)

* The kindly group of young men standing in a corner outside of the mall smoking a doob.

* Me telling a certain someone that she's in for a "Baloney Pony" ride and listening to silence and crackling over the telephone line.

What don't you have qualms about?


Peter Matthes said...

I have no qualms about listening in to phone conversations where two girls are talking about riding the "Baloney Pony".

Flannery Alden said...

I have no qualms about walking in front of cars if they are pulling into a driveway and crossing the sidewalk. Hey the need to yield to me!

Skylers Dad said...

I have no qualms about threatening physical violence with people who park in the handicapped spaces when they don't need them.

I once had an asshole park in the lined off area between spots, telling me it's "unused real estate"!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Skyler's dad on ANY issues involving the physically challenged, special needs, or whatever word you wanna insert. I love to stare RIGHT BACK AT the people who are looking at my son wondering why he's jumping up and down in a shopping cart vocalizing at the top of his lungs. I give 'em the "YOU GOT A PROBLEM, PINKY?!" stare of doom. I probably would've gotten into the first fistfight of my LIFE with some human turd at a Chinese Buffett if my wife didn't drag me out first.

Lessee... I have no qualms about going nude in mixed company, I have no qualms about admitting when I don't know what the hell you're talking about, I have few qualms about telling mine goodwife when I'm all horny, especially when buzzed. LIke I am right now...

Ohhh, hoooneyyy!!

(terrific-- as I'm writing this mine goodwife put a comb in the inside waistband of my undershorts. I was hoping this MEANT SOMETHING, but she said, "no, I'm combing out a wiglet (fake hair) for a pageant customer and I didn't want to lose track of the brush."

romance is frickin' dead. I'm going to go poke around at for awhile, now...

The Boob Lady said...

Peter: Were you eavesdropping? :)

Flannery: I agree. I do it too. YIELD!

Skylers Dad: Good for you. I hate it when that happens. I do it too, although I'm not all that threatening.

Big Orange: Sorry the comb only meant wiglet brushing. I frequent Now I'll bookmark your site. Nice job.