Sunday, March 11, 2007


I have one word: Phenomenal.

I received one of these the other day in a care package from my Mema.

The iTrip is a virtually weightless plastic box that allows your iPod to play right through an FM station on your stereo.

No USB cables, no headphones, nothing.

Once I stopped cursing long enough to figure out how to manually change the station on my car stereo's radio rather than just scanning through the available channels, I was quite pleased.

All I have to do is slide my Nano right onto this tiny wireless gadget and click the small button on the side of the iTrip to activate my screen.

Once the screen on the Nano is turned on, it tells me which radio station to put my stereo on and away it plays.

That's it.

No muss, no fuss.

I can put the iTrip in the backseat, in the ashtray, anywhere for there to be signal enough to transmit and away I go.

I actually brought it to work the other day, laid it beside the stereo, tuned to the proper FM station and the good tunes played on.

It only lasts as long as the battery in the Nano lasts, but if you have a port that you can keep it constantly charging in, you won't run into any problems.

If you have an iPod and have no way to hook it up in your car, or to any stereo without auxiliary ports, I highly recomment that you get an iTrip.

This little piece of plastic allowed me to not rip my entire dash out to get at the aux ports in the back of the car stereo, allowing for much peace, and very little screaming.

Thanks Mem!


Scarlet said...

I GOTTA get one now!!!

g-man said...

Cool beans. I have something similar but it plugs into the lighter and has a cable to connect and charge my iPod. It too is an FM broadcast. It is the best thing since I don't have a tape deck or an aux port in my van.

Tune On sista!

molly said...

just the fact that it is actually called an iTrip, makes me want one

yes i LOVED "invisible monsters". i reread "choke" right after i finished it. chuck palahniuk is so totally my favorite writer.

Brooklyn Frank said...

whoa, this is quite awesome.

Kforn said...

I gotta have one.

Emma said...

F you.
and i mean that in a loving way.
hell, i want some sort of technological appliance that wasn't built under the eisenhower administration.
you think i'm kidding?
no joke.
you see, this is why i need a sugar daddy.

The Boob Lady said...

Scarlet: Get one! They're amazing!!

molly: I know what you mean, I am in love with Palahniuk too!

Brooklyn Frank: It is indeed awesome, I love it!

Kforn: Do it! All the cool kids are!

Emma: I don't have a sugar daddy either, I am lucky enough to have a mother that ebays. :)

Chris said...

Like g-man, I have something similar. It fucking rocks! No more hauling all my CDs around!

Dave Evanns said...

Holy cow, you commented on your own post!!!!!!

The Boob Lady said...

Chris: Tell me about it. I used to hate taking hairpin turns and having my cd's slide out of the mesh contraption on my visor.

dave: I KNOW!!! Amazing!