Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday is the new Friday

I've got my first two consecutive days off since Christmas starting tomorrow. So, tomorrow is my Saturday. It couldn't have come at a better time. The car troubles, the usual money woes, and of course, being overworked and getting to the point of potentially snapping someone's neck.

You wouldn't believe how many idiots that there are out there. I am convinced that they all convene; be it on the internet, on some sort of party line, or under a bridge, band together, combine all their super powers, and decide that they will all take the same short bus to the mall. On the same day no less.

There's the two old men; you know the ones, the ones that nobody is sure if they're gay or not, who do laps around the mall from open to close. They wear bad 70's leisure suits, and gawk at all the young things. Obscenely.

There's the cougar; the 48 year old woman in the tight jeans and cut off tee, white tube socks and high heels, and a bad 80's perm-teased even. She lurks in all of the stores that potential mates may hang around. You might even know her.

Then, to top it off, there's the kids. They're all on March Break now, and guess where they come? God forbid that they get some fresh air on a beautiful day, no, they come to the mall, throw bouncy balls into stores and make out in the food court. If, by chance, a group of teenage boys come in, you're sure to have an unsuspecting male or two pushed right on in to your store. Only the lucky ones...

Besides that, all is well. Rented a couple of flicks tonight, will relax, not work, eat a treat, and not work. Until Friday. 2 days. No work.

There is a God.

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Anonymous said...

Fill it up for a few months and you could publish, dear. Seriously.
Very riotious. LOL often.
Keep it up, it's great light reading to finish the day.