Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Hills Have Eyes...

...and I wonder if they can see that I now have a major case of Quasimodo neck. We were super stoked to go to the movie tonight and when we got there two terrible things happened.

1) The line-ups for food were waaaay long and I didn't get anything to eat. Did you hear me? I didn't get anything to eat. *sniff*

2) We ended up having to sit in the front row since all of the other good seats were taken. Fack.

There's nothing I hate more than being in the front row of the movie theatre. With no food to boot.

All in all the movie was good, which made the terrible seating and LACK OF FOOD somewhat bearable.

Work was okay today, not many crazies in the mall. March break is almost over and all of the hooligans will soon be back in school. It couldn't come a moment too soon. If I had to watch one more pre-pubescent couple making out on the bench in front of my store, I was going to toss my cookies.

Whether I ate any or not.

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