Monday, March 20, 2006

My Day

10:45- Get out of bed, shower, dry, dress.

11:20- Sit for a smoke

11:35- Leave for work

11:53- Go to corner store, get cold water

12:00- Start my day, play with panties (not mine)

12:30- Check watch, it's not 9pm yet. Damn

1:00- Check watch again, still not 9, arrange said playful panties

2:00- Smoke break, read 2 chapters of book

2:30- Assistant goes on lunch, I sing, dance around store a little, wish it was 9

2:45- Wax racks, arrange clothing

3:00- Check watch again, maybe it's broken

3:15- Bathroom break, detour by music and book stores

4:00- Go for smoke break, read 1 page, gossip with other mall workers

4:15- Check watch, almost supper

4:45- Send assistant on break, ring in one solitary $4.99 bathing suit cover-up

5:00- Supper time, heat up cup-a-soup

5:05- Shake, Shake, Shake my Crystal Light

5:14- Finished cup-a-soup, read some book. Loiter in back room

6:00- Supper over, send assistant home, wish it was 9

7:00- Look busy, flick clothing on racks to make shuffling, clinking noises

7:15- Check all available time pieces, still not 9

7:30- Talk to boyfriend and parents on the phone briefly

8:00- Start counting cash, cleaning up work area

8:30- Almost time to leave!!

8:45- Put out garbage, pull in racks and check time

9:00- Announcement goes off, mall is closed, Boob Lady is HAPPY!!

9:03- Inhale delicious nectar of cigarette in car on way home

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