Monday, March 13, 2006


I feel like I have cankles tonight.

Big, fat, juicy cankles.

Being on your feet all day with hardly any customers and one solitary box of transfers takes its toll on my poor gams.

The day was uneventful as it was, the most action I got today was the strange man that kept walking by my store and staring at my light box. While smiling. Strangely.

I should tell you that in my light box, there is a half naked woman, who has been perfectly sprayed with some sort of vegetable oil to look wet, and is posing provacatively.

If you ask me, she just looks greasy. We're talking trailer trash greasy. The way I can look on a Sunday if I choose not to shower on my day off.

And, it looks like her arm is broken. In more than one place.

Meh. I'm off anyway, and back in the morning. A few hours of peace never hurt anyone.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another lovely post in the life of the Boob lady. You crack me up even when you're not trying!

Be sure to stay away from the strange man that keeps passing in front of the store.

love u..xoxoxox