Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Something smells fishy

Something Smells Fishy Posted by Picasa

The cat, aka Jack, Pookie, human in feline form. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I wish that this was a full length picture because then you would be able to see that he is actually standing on his back legs in the middle of a hop. You see, he doesn't jump like cats usually do. Most cats jump on the counters, up the curtains, or even onto windowsills. My cat however, does not. I'm convinced that he cannot actually jump at all. This is the cat that falls of the arm of the couch, bangs into walls, and sleeps like a little human; head on pillow, body under the warmth of my blanket. Taking up much of the space might I add, so that when I wake in the morning, my poor aching body is in positions it never even dreamed about.

Example: My mother came to visit me in December and lucky for her, she got to share a bed with me and the little one. Now, don't be alarmed, my bed is huge. My boyfriend decided that it would be improper God forbid, if we touched during the night. That being said, the bed is about 10 ft wide. So, mom got one whole bed to herself essentially, and Jack and I got the other. She said that when she woke up one morning, all she could see was the back of my head, and a pair of blue eyes staring at her over me. His paw was on my cheek as though we had just been caught in a forbidden embrace.

So, here he sits, on my lap. My left leg is numb. I couldn't be happier.

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Anonymous said...

jENNIFER....these two are right up there in the hilarious zone! I did so much laughing this morning that it did my heart good!
Loved Jack's picture..hes adorable. Keep em coming. I need my daily dose of Jennifer entertainement. Christa loved as well, and doesn't miss a day!