Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

So we had some houseguests last night. Our good friend J and his 4 year old daughter. Well, let me tell you, on your first enjoyable day off of the week, when said 4 year old comes in to your room just as the sun has crept into your window, and wiggles a bell in your ear (a bell which you're not entirely sure where it came from) and says (in an exaggerated 4 year old whisper) "Are you awake?", you wish you were a better actress.

I can't fake the sleep thing, I blink too rapidly under my eyelids, and usually twitch one leg. These occurances happen completely randomly and are not in any way concious, I just know that I'm doing them. So, long story short, I was busted.

I then had to trudge out of my cozy nest of a bed, slip into my most comfortable "comfy pants", and whip up a delicate blend of cut up apples, and grape juice. This was merely a diversionary tactic on her part, as once I was finished the culinary portion of the morning, I was duped into watching some cartoons. All this while the men slept. Soundly.

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