Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Monday

Another Monday come and gone. As usual, Monday always seems to be the day that all those things that can go wrong, will.

I've been having problems with my car over the past couple of weeks. I strongly suggest that nobody buys a Kia. Ever. No matter how desperate you may be. Even if it's the last car on the planet. Don't buy it. That being said, one of my springs is broken and will cost "approximately" $300. I say approximately because that's what I was told by a mechanic at one of the major auto centres around these parts. Let's call it "Granadian Fire". All I had to do was call around and lo and behold I got me some better prices. Who knew?

A little golden nugget from work today to pique your interest...
I have a sale rack at the front of the store with all of the absolute mish mash in the store on it. Just waiting for a good home. We're talking things that I'm pretty sure nobody wants and/or needs. Nighties, camisoles, pants. The stuff that only the really skinny people can fit into. (Jerks) They're priced anywhere from $2.99 to $39.99. Not really that expensive.

So, this woman comes in who is very well put together, nice purse, nice coat, the works. She clearly has more than $2.99. She brings the cheap-o tank to the counter and asks me.... Are you ready for this?

"Will this go down in price any more than this?" (I had to stifle my laughter with a conveniently placed cough.)

"Um, no, I'm sorry, I think that's probably as low as it will go." (without me actually giving it away, which I considered mind you...)

"Well, can I bring it back if it doesn't fit?" (Again, WHAT??)

"No, I'm afraid not, that's a final sale."

"Okay, well, I guess I won't get it then." (I'm thinking, Holy Hell woman, use it for a frigging rag.)

So, she leaves, and as she is putting the "rag tank" on the rack, it falls off the hanger on to the floor. She leaves it there. On the floor. In a ball.


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