Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Simple Life...

I went in to work today expecting a normal, work filled day. Little did I know that the construction workers who are renovating the store behind mine could potentially see all that goes on in my back room.

Turns out they can.

They so can.

They so did. Well, one of them did. And dear God, did he get an eyeful.

I was getting ready to go clean up the back room to prep for inventory and had to change out of my work clothes into a grubby t-shirt. It can get dirty back there, and I didn't want to get covered in dust.

Turns out that both dressing rooms were full so I opted to go into the back room. Usually it seems harmless to do so because nobody can see in or over the wall separating the stores.

Anyway, I'm unbuttoning my blouse and getting my t-shirt prepped.

Blouse is off, t-shirt is on my arms. You know the position, your arms are in the sleeves, but it's not over your head yet.

It's almost over my head now, and for some unknown reason, I decide to look up. Guess what I see? A smiling, slightly red-faced construction worker.

I proceed to pull the t-shirt over my head. Look down, and scurry out of the back room towards the front of the store.

A couple of minutes later, the power in our store goes out momentarily. Turns out the workers are on the same breaker as us. One can only assume that at the sight of my voluptuous mammaries, said horny construction worker blew a fuse. Or cut a power cord while thinking about the twins.

They are the 8th Wonder of the World.

No wonder I want a reduction. Brings grown men to blowing their circuits.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd child..I almost peed myself!! You are absoluely the most hilarious gal I know.xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Holy Boobies Batman!!!!!!!!
That is absolutely the funniest moment I have heard about in a long time!!!!!!!!!
Be proud of those circuit breakers!!!!!!! Don't make them smaller and disappoint all of MANkind:)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Peppermint Patty, love ya.