Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Crikey, I'm Poor

So, I'm going hooking this evening. I'm convinced that it's the only way that I'll be afford to live. Apart from working a 95 hour 2 week span, I can get a little extra on the side. Money I mean.

I went to pick up a few essentials today, you know, toilet paper, popcorn, and don't forget the ice cream. Damn. I'm not supposed to eat ice cream. But, think about it, I NEED something to put onto my warm apple crisp. It just simply can't be plain.

But I digress.

I was paying for my food and it struck me; I can't afford this. Not even a little bit. Especially when you factored in the smokes that I still had to buy, and the car repair that has to be done tomorrow which, might I add, my parents are paying for. God love them for continuing to support their almost 26 year old daughter. It's sad really. They keep me out of the gutter. At this rate, my parents will NEVER retire.

Enter the hooking prospect. I'm not sure where one goes to get started.. Do I go to a support group? A hooker's banquet?

So many decisions.

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