Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Recently, Grant Miller of Grant Miller Media decided that I was worthy enough for interview purposes.

I am humbled and so very honored that he chose to ask me hard hitting questions.

Read on my fellow bloggers, you won't learn much though.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


You're Canadian. Why do Canadians mispronounce "schedule?"

It's just how we roll. Depending on the conversation, I either say: "Shhedule", or "Skedoole". I swing it to the person of interest. How do you say it?

You work in a lingerie store. Do Canadians measure chest sizes differently than Americans. Do they use the metric system - you know centimeters instead of inches? Or do you use grams?

I go by inches. We use the same measurements you all do. The Europeans are the ones that fuck up the bra measurements, when one comes in to the store, I have to think back to what I've learned and go by centimetres. If I really want to impress someone, however, I will use grams. It's a great party trick.

Why are you The Boob Lady as opposed to "The Foot Lady" or "The Ankle Lady?"

I am the Boob Lady because I deal with boobs all day long. If I worked in a shoe store, or was a podiatrist, I suppose I could be the Foot Lady or the Ankle lady.

I have a lot of perverts and sickos that visit my site searching for porn. When they invariably find my site lacks porn, they sometimes click your blog, primarily because of your screen name. What would you like to say to the sickos, perverts and deviants that visit your site?

Although most people find that your site lacks porn, I love the search words used to get to your site. I digress... I often throw a little shout to the perverts and deviants that visit my site. They more often than not find me by Googling "Post Your Beaver", or some form of "Boobs." I am okay with this, it's bringing them in. I don't have much to say to them. Sit, relax, put the porn clips on in the background, but have a good read, there's plenty there.

Why should people read your blog?

I have no real pull to keep readers in. The regulars are there and seem to enjoy it. I write whatever comes to mind, usually it's verbal diarrhoea, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's pure shit used to fill a date. I'm easy. But I'm not cheap.


If you would like to be interviewed by the Boob Lady, drop me a line, I'll hook you up.


Flenker said...

you can interview me, if you'd like... I'm not really that interesting, though.

Measuring boobs by the gram is very impressive! Never a method I had considered. The most imaginative method I've used was by the handful.

Anonymous said...

Can you interview anonymous commenter's? Not exactly sure how that would work! I'd interview you!


stilettoheights said...

I almost peed my pants at grams, lol

Some Guy said...

Great job, you two!

SkylersDad said...

This was a nice exchange, but I really want to know the gram conversion and how it relates to the exchange of commerce between nations.

Did Google lead me astray again?

Lynda said...

Oh, no! You would never be the foot lady. It would have to be a classy style of shoe.

I found this very informative. And got myself some future blackmail information as well.


dirty said...

Boob Lady...I need you to measure my boobs for me the next time you are in Ohio, OK?

Erica Ann Putis said...

You are so god damn cute. :)

Michael K said...

If I used your methodology to determine my screen name it would be "retard dude."

twiffer said...

what i want to know is this: who are these idiots that can't seem to find porn online?

really, it's not that hard.

Stiletto Secrets said...

Seriously, if you measure boobs in grams I want you at my next party! Fu-rigging awesome.
Great interview.
ps-Arrested Development, Degrassi, Queer As Folk...? You are my IDOL!!!

Captain Smack said...

You might could use a water displacement technique to measure boobs in grams. Or, if it's a party trick, you could use beer or margaritas.

As I read the interview, I wondered if you were doing this by phone, chatting, email, etc... which is it?

Dale said...

I had no idea this sort of thing went on in my Canada. Excellent.

The Boob Lady said...

Flenker: Will do. Do I have your email? Hook me up! Measuring by the handful is always a good method.

~stis~: Of course I can, can't I? It's my blog, I can do what I want! Send me your email!

stilettoheights: Me too!

Chris: Thank you, thank you!

Skylers Dad: Nope, Google just brought you here to teach you a valuable lesson. Weight is key.

Lynda: Thank you! :D What in the world can you blackmail me with?

dirty: I would love to. I'll be right there.

Erica: I'm blushing! :)

Michael K: LMAO.. It works though. It's kinda hot.

twiffer: I know, I constantly find new material!

India: Call me, I'll come. Thank you. I loooooove all those shows, I think I even got my mother hooked on QaF. At one point, during a break up I think, I was drinking solo and called my mother on New Years Eve cause I was so excited that there was an Arrested Development Marathon on.

Captain Smack: I prefer to use Singapore Slings and Budweiser. :) We did it by email.

Chris said...

I think Grant just makes up those search words while he is fantasizing at red lights.....or is that in the red light district?

Funny answers!

topazz said...

Dear Boob Lady,

I love lingerie stores! Unless it's a Victoria's Secret (which has become the McDonald's of lingerie) you rarely find a really good one outside of NYC - although Nordstrom's is a close second. Do you have a link or a website to your store? And lastly, a lingerie question: biggest seller: black bra, white bra, or flesh colored bra?

Lei Ho said...

I will be headed to SJ this summer Boob Lady. Is measuring hot ta-tas by the gram an old trade secret you learned in the back alleys of SJ?

ThePapaDog said...

I walked into Victorias Secret with my son a while back. I told him that this is where babies come from.

You should have seen the looks I got...


Brian Mandabach said...

I'd love to be interviewed. I'm a writer (same publisher as Alexgirl Richards) and I am supposed to come up with interview questions for my publicist. Maybe you can help.

And since my real job is an 8th grade English teacher, my name should be Adolescent Hormone Guy.

The Boob Lady said...

Chris: I'd say he does it for both. :)

topazz: Victoria's Secret blows. I agree. There isn't a link as of yet, but there is a link to one of my top selling bras: chantelle.com.
Best selling: Flesh. It blends in to the skin tone much better and looks the best under anything white or light.

metrobabe: Yes. It must be learned in a back alley. You probably already know how!

ThePapaDog: I wish I was there!! I love it.

Brian Mandabach: I'll interview you! Send me your email!