Friday, May 25, 2007


Boob Lady's Back
Hip Hip Hooray!


Captain Smack said...


I could not get that farce thing to play. I was sad.

Flenker said...


I don't know if you checked yet, but your (excellent) questions have been answered. Thanks!

DadGuy said...

Welcome back.

I feel obligated at this time to remind you of the impossible quiz.

Yes, I bookmarked it.

No, I still haven't gotten past armageddon yet.

But welcome back. =)

Coffeypot said...

'Bout damn time. Five days is too long without a shot of BL. Welcome back.

Emma said...

Let me do my Boob Lady Cheer.
B-O-O-B! This is what you say to me!
So I was never much of a cheerleader. Still, welcome back to the bosom (hee) of Blogtopia, Our Lady Of Boobs.

SkylersDad said...

I hope you are tanned, rested, and ready!

Flannery Alden Jenny Shaw said...

Welcome home, The Boob Lady. We talked your blog up this weekend. So look for tons more traffic. Or, well, at least one more reader.

bubbles said...

Yahooo!!! She's back. Welcome back Boob Lady. Hope you had a great vacation.

Lynda said...

So, how was your vacation? You going to do any posts about it?

The Boob Lady said...

Captain Smack: It won't work for me anymore either!

Flenker: I checked, and I linked!

DadGuy: Thank you! Didn't I tell you how to pass Armageddon? I thought I did! And, thanks for reminding me, now I'm going to be at that forever!

coffeypot: Geeze! I didn't even know you were still reading! Thanks for the warm welcome!

Skylers Dad: I'm back, sorta rested, and I'll be damned if I ever get a tan! I'm pasty!

Flannery: Thank you! :) I'm so glad you shared my blog, I do yours too! I wish I could've come to Tiki with you!

"Bubbles": (I love that name for you by the way...) I had a great time, thank you!

Lynda: It was good, nothing really exciting happened, I am at a loss for good posts about it!

DadGuy said...

I figure if I'm not done with it yet I should continue to share the misery.

And it looks like youu told someone else that... Dang. Now I'm going to have to keep going.

I'll let you know when I get past 91. =)