Sunday, December 10, 2006


Yeah, I made cookies...

The most glorious, amazing cookies that I've possibly ever made.

I made shortbread from scratch.

Is it wrong that I made the icing first?

I didn't think so.

Take a look at the masterpiece.

Yes, what you're thinking is right.

There are a few missing from the plate.
I may have consumed one.

Or five.

They're good. Sue me.
**Reader Note: They really are cookies. Not deviled eggs... My apologies.**
*Update: I ate 3 more*


Anonymous said...

maybe they're really deviled cookies? THAT would be interesting...

dirty said...

Will you come over and make Christmas cookies with my kids?

Jonah said...

No Offense, those are nasty looking...what happened to chocolate chip...??

Flannery Alden said...

I love shortbread!

Anonymous said...

Well on your way to pastry chef-ness.

It is not wrong to make the icing first.