Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Chitlens...

Todd, entering state "Pure Bliss" while Jack appearingly nuzzles into his man boobs.

Todd licking Jack while in a headlock as Jack nuzzles aforementioned man boobs.

Todd looking like he feels dirty and whore-ish while Jack preens his back hair.

Even though it's blurry, had to put this one in there to show Todd in heaven while the kids canoodle.

Yeah, that's right, I clicked while he was licking his manhood. I'd be pissed if you took a picture of me licking myself too.

Todd, looking demure and dapper. (And a little wonky)

What appears to be his ass on his front is really only his misshapen body. I don't know how this happened. Cross breeding with an elusive assback cat?

Todd is looking either really stupid, or gloriously smart. He's part of Mensa. Just sayin'.
Thought I'd share some lovely new snaps of the babies.

I know, they're too cute.

You can barely handle it.

This is for you Mema and Dirty.
**Viewer's Note: In the 6th picture down, don't be fooled, that's not a llama. It's Todd. The kitten. Turns out he's got a fucked up body when photographed.**


Anonymous said...

I look much the same when someone nuzzles MY manboobs.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer....the grandbabies are absolutely adorable!! Love Todd's crossed eyes!

dirty said...

I lurv yur kitties.

Jen said...

love the pics!
you have some
handsome chitlens

Anonymous said...

My day is not complete since I've seen the soft-core kitty porn.


Slinger said...

Holy cow, that 6th picture is hilarious! And he does look like a llama.