Sunday, February 11, 2007


This is how it went down:
Date: Sunday, February 11, 2007
Time: 8:30 pm
Place: My Kitchen
Those Present: Me, Jack, Todd
Details: I was cutting apples to make a solo serving apple crisp.
Mid slice, the butter tub gets in the way.
Knife catches on butter tub.
I shanked myself.
Blood ensues.
I still have all my fingers.
You can all sleep easy tonight. I'm okay.


g-man said...

Bummer. What no photo of actual spurting blood! That would have been cool :)

Glad you are ok. (It wasn't a typing finger was it?)

Chris said...

You need to buy a horseshoe or 4-leaf clover or something. What's with all the accidents lately?

Lynda said...

So does the butter tub have a hole in it?

What?! You said you were ok!

Paul Hughson said...

3 comments and no one asked the Boob lady "ARE THE BOOBS OK?"

Glad to hear you weren't hurt, BL.

coffeypot said...

Hell with your finger. Is the apple pie ready to eat yet? Got any ice-cream?

Scarlet said...

So, you always cut things with butter tubs and other objects in the way?

Clear some space. People stand back when you have a knife, do you understand why?

Hey..was joking..put that away..

Back!! back off!!