Thursday, February 15, 2007


The following is an anonymous email relay that occured last night.

Person 1 will be in red.

Person 2 will be in blue.
...I will say though, you look great in tube socks and running shoes. Keep up the good work.
You're looking a little grey around the nuts though..
I pluck them
Oh Jesus..
HAHA, I'm laughing out loud.
You must be smoother than a baby's ass.
Great way to avoid ingrown hairs though
baby's ass with wrinkles
I knew it.
Saggy Ball Syndrome.
You can get Bagtox for that!!
just a lift will do. I'll wear them on my chest.
Holy shit, I almost spit out my pepsi. Amazing.
You're almost as funny as me!!
That was my intent darlin'
Actually not even a black one left!!!!
HAHAHA.. Stop, you're killing me.
I'm actually going to post this as a conversation tomorrow. You know that right?
yur not grounded, yur cut off!!! lol
And you can't cut me off, I'm flesh and blood.
We'll see what kind of hilarious spin I can put on those emails.. You guys are fair game now.. Now that I've actually crossed that line, It's on!!!


That is all.


dirty said...

Boob Lady...what's the deal with the Pepsi? You need a margarita.

Lynda said...



Paul Hughson said...

I feel like I walked in on my parents having sex.

Anonymous said...

that was me after I got my vasectomy. Just so y'all know... >:-}