Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Only Me.../Winter Storm Watch 2007...


If you read the last post, you know that I had a premonition of sorts.

Rather, I said something, felt a certain way, and the complete opposite happened.

This, in itself, is not unusual.

Please take a moment of silence and pray for Carl.

Carl was hit today.

Carl was hit bad.

The corner of Carl's backside is pretty smashed in.

The light that used to shine from Carl's ass?

Burnt out.

The joy I used to get from looking at Carl's rearview?


Why, you ask?

Well, it's because of a silly little man in a silly little plow.

The snow started at approximately 2:00 pm.

I know this because as I'm sitting at my computer innocently chatting with a friend, I see a plow drive by in what can only be described as what I thought was diligence in wanting to get a jump on things.


Instead, "Mr. I'm going to get out early and drive my plow truck around for no apparent reason and hit innocent little silver cars named Carl" decides to smoke my car on his way down the hill.

Apparently, this foolish little man had just come back from the local coffee shop from a "pee" and was going around the block.

Carl just got in the way.

Carl is now on his way to the repair shop.

Cold, alone, he doesn't know where he is! Don't you understand?

I'll see you soon, Carl.

I'll see you soon.

Poor innocent little Carl.

Bow your heads for Carl.

Say a little something.

Thank you.


Storm Watch!!!

There is snow!

It is NOT stormy.


I will keep you updated.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Oh, I get it. CAR-l. Very cute.

You could also name a sedan, Dan. I guess.

Dave Evanns said...

Awe, poor Carl. He will be so sad to hear that you had to use a stand-in while he is recovering.

I wish him the best.

Nobody said...

It sucks to be you. And Carl.

Lynda said...

Don't name your Sedan Dan since that is your future brother in law's name.

I am glad it was only Carl that got hurt. We had that happen to our Beetle. It made the insurance company happy because they knew who to blame.

First your hand, now Carl. Are you accident prone?

Erica AP said...

When you get him back you should give him a good rub down with wax to calm his fears and his broken ass...

Anonymous said...

you know, it doesn't snow down here and I'm SURE you could find a place to size boobs.

ACtually, my teaching friend M says her new dream is to move to the Keys and sell snowcones on the beach... Her dream is gaining on me...

Paul Hughson said...

Erica AP said...
When you get him back you should give him a good rub down with wax to calm his fears and his broken ass...

I don't know why, but this turned me on. Thanks Erica... kinda makes me want to break my ass.

And BL if you ever write a book about your car, I think you should title it "The Light That Used To Shine From Carl's Ass."

g-man said...

Get well soon Carl, get well soon.

So what did you get fer a rental?