Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So, I decided against the day by day recap.

I'll fill it in in this post in point form.

It's much more fun that way.

And it's way too painful to write it in detail.

Also, the shit just keeps on a comin'.


Monday: You already got.

Tuesday: My car won't start. A cab is called in the nick of time to get me to work. A $15.00 cab no less. Both ways.

Wednesday: My car won't start. This is the day of my winter tire appointment. Yeah, I know, you're thinking; "You're two days late Boob Lady, the snowstorm was on Monday." To that, I say: "Suck it." Call tow truck. Arrive at car appointment 4 hours late.

Thursday: Drop co-worker off at home, get pulled over by the po-po paddy wagon for going the wrong way up a one way street. I seriously had no idea. Don't have to-date paperwork in registration folder.

Friday: Seemingly harmless. Something sinister surely lurks...

Saturday: Not so bad.

Sunday: Work on day off.

Come on.

This has got to be a terrible karmic mistake doesn't it?

I'm a good person dammit.

I can't help it if Carl is a little bitch cleverly disguised as a tuna can on wheels.


Today, I get all prepared to leave for work, early no less, and attempt to drive down the hill.

Attempt being the operative word here.

I get a portion of the way down when it feels like my back tire may be stuck or dragging a piece of ice.


Turns out that my back wheel doesn't want to rotate AT ALL.

I don't notice this until I am through the toll bridge and need to pull over into their parking lot.

My back tire had ceased up and was basically staying still while the other three wheels were turning.

This led to me leaving a 123089710294871 foot skid mark from my apartment to the bridge.

I end up calling ANOTHER tow truck, the smarmy tow truck driver finally arrives, I take it to the auto shop, I am late for work, and my day is ruined.

At 6 pm, I go to pick up my car YET AGAIN and this time, I am assured that it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Yeah, you said that last week dickhead.

And yes, your math is correct, that's two tow trucks in less than a week.


coffeypot said...

Move South!

Sans Pantaloons said...

You have my sympathy. Something nice has gotta happen!!

If the powers that be are listening, make it so.

Chris said...

Coffeypot makes a good point. The nice thing you have going for you is that there are boobs everywhere.

Nobody said...

Wow. I think you need to threaten Carl with serious bodily harm!

If he truly is a tuna can on wheels you should leave a can opener in the car as a reminder to him that you are in charge. And always speak nicely to him when he is within earshot. I have a machine at work that never fails to quit working anytime we speak ill of it in it's presence.

dirty said...

We have the same shitty luck with our cars...they must hate us or something.


Anonymous said...

Don't you live in Canada? Aren't you supposed to measure in meters or something, rather than feet?

What a sucky week, girl. Maybe the tow truck driver "likes" you.

Scarlet said...

"This led to me leaving a 123089710294871 foot skid mark from my apartment to the bridge."

I'm sorry, but,


Thats funny.