Sunday, January 28, 2007


The weekend is over.

Sadly, this means that the culmination of all the hard work that I've done around here this weekend will not be enjoyed again until Wednesday.
It actually feels like I live here now, not like I'm moving into a frat house. *

Saturday and Sunday for me consisted of the rare/elusive "Two Day" weekend that most of you regular folk enjoy weekly.

They were the first two days in a row that I've enjoyed since prior to the "Holiday" season.


*I'm eating like a bachelor though... Cereal, microwave dinners, Hamburger Helper...Sob*
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Scarlet said...

Better than eating like Jeffery Dahmer.

But the fridge would be full!

g-man said...

Love your new masthead.

Glad you are settling in. My wife goes to a place called "Let's eat" or another one called "Lets dish" where they make meals then you bring them home and freeze them. Kind of like home made frozen dinners.

Hope you get another "deuce" soon.

Erik said...

Glad to find your blog!

Anonymous said...

I eat like that and I live with my boyfriend and kids, soooo, can't help ya.

I do have to commend you for the excellent job you did with the boot gentleman in the other post, though.


Chris said...

If you need any good bachelor recipes, I've got a bunch. I make a killer bag of microwave popcorn with a side of Twizzlers licorice. It goes well with chilled Crystal Light.

coffeypot said...

I can make you a mean cup of instant coffee.