Sunday, January 21, 2007


Oh, Monday.

The day that started one of the shittiest weeks EVER...

I wish I was joking.

Over the following posts I will re-enact through photos and sob stories the true week that I had.

On Monday of last week, the city got hit with the first snow of the year. Not only was it snow, it was a full blown snow storm.
I left work at 9:10 pm sharp. I scuff out to my car since if I walk properly I am going to go tits up in a snow bank.
I get to my car and it turns out that I had parked in a puddle.
*Pity Party Begin*
My shoes had holes in them.
*Pity Party Over*
I get into my car after a few painful minutes of trying to unlock my frozen door.
I start the car, retrieve the car brush, and proceed to brush the snow/ice/Mother Nature's
Ass© off of Carl, the funkmobile.
After I'm done cleaning, I drive at a snail's pace over the highway to get to my new home.
It's treacherous to say the least.
Once I get to my street, I pull up, get stuck halfway up since my tires are BALD.
I spin my tires, swear, cry, chainsmoke, all the usual panic induced stress relievers.
I proceed to back up down the street to try the next street over which intersects with mine and has a smaller incline.
Lo and behold, I get stuck there too.
Again, I back up, turn, and go to the NEXT street.
I end up half in the road, and half in someone's driveway.
After calling my mother in a tear induced frenzy, I call another friend.
She, her boyfriend, and his cousin came to rescue me from across town.
While I am waiting, I notice that there is someone watching me from their window.
This skank watched me the entire time I was sitting in front of her home with my hazard lights on.
I swear, at one point, she left to get popcorn.

It was a valiant move on their part.
After much tire spinning, swearing, and slip sliding around, we manage to get me over to my street, half up the hill, partially parked in my own spot.
This is where Carl spent the night.
The bastard.


Scarlet said...

***streamers fizzed, Poppers popped***

That was a hell of a short pity party.

Hope your week gets better.
Damn Carl the funkmobile!!

Chris said...

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. It's OK if I don't have drive in it or move it from one place to another.

g-man said...

Bummer girl. That chick was a bitch. Glad you and Carl made it home. I hope he started good for you the following day (the least he could do).

jonahadkins said...

Who's Carl?

Scarlet said...

I actually wish I lived where it snowed like that. Down here in Australia we get a tiny tiny amount of snow on the highest grassy bits, thats it!!