Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hey Kids,

I'm moving!

Not only am I moving out of my little crack shack, I'm moving into a real live house!!

My internet will be away until the 7th, and I know you're all thinking; "It's not like the bitch is posting anything lately anyway, I don't know why she thinks we care." but, I do.

Think you care that is.


Don't you?

I promise, I'll be back.

I literally open my Blogger every single day with the intention of posting something witty and clever, but I just can't do it.

My poor mind is frazzled and on overload.

Please forgive my asshole-yness.


Flenker said...

I hope you know I still care, and my blog-love for you is as strong as ever. :)

Skylers Dad said...

Hey, congrats on the move to the new digs. Have you enlisted the help of a couple of strapping young lads in exchange for further exhaustion?

Lynda said...

Good luck and come back soon!

g-man said...

You are forgiven. Moving sucks, should have a bucket load of blog fodder. Have fun. Will there be some hot new roommate action to talk about? :)

Just Dave said...

What flenker said. Good luck with your move.

Slinger said...

I have not been to your site in a LONG time, but glad to see you are back, and clean shaven now!