Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A small, albeit well-deserved vacation starts tomorrow.

I am going to visit my parents in Northern Canada.

I will be away until Thursday of next week, but have no fear loyal readers.

I shall update with tales of snow and frolicking. Anyone need some snowballs?

***I should also mention, that this is literally the "highway" (and I use the term highway very, very loosely) where I am from. I shit you not.


Chris said...

Holy crap! I thought we got a lot of snow by me. Have fun! Are you sure you're not going to have "boob withdrawal"?

Anonymous said...

I would like some snowballs, thank you!

I would totally build a tunnel there.

dirty said...

I hate sure is pretty though. Stay warm Boob don't want your headlights to show!

Jonah said...

i got a picture like that from England in 1981...i was 3 then...